New Skope: Martha aka No-Girl

This skope is the first of a series but was probably the most complicated to pull off… especially when it has to be assembled from various random parts I stumbled across. And the funniest thing is that this character connects back to my U-Men skope which was my very first project I attempted. So what makes this Marvel Comics character so unique? Well, take a look at the reference drawing I used:

Martha Johansson is a runaway mutant who found herself the unfortunate victim of the U-Men and John Sublime. She was kidnapped and subjected to brutal experiments to find the full extent of her mental powers and then her body was slowly stripped away for spare parts. Martha nearly went crazy upon waking up from a deep coma and finding out that she was now just a brain in a jar kept alive by a simple life support system. John Sublime decided to put her mental powers to use and created a portable device to hold her in then drugged her into submission so she could be a secret weapon if someone came after him. Martha just never imagined that her freedom would come from the unexpected visit of Cyclops and Emma Frost who were visiting Mr. Sublime to question him about his relationship with the prison who was holding Xorn prisoner.

Martha found herself using her powers to nullify the powers of Scott and Emma but also disrupting their minds so they couldn’t defend themselves when the U-Men showed up to take them prisoner. Thankfully Emma was able to break Martha’s hold on them when she started to panic at being forced to watch two strangers be cut apart like she was.  After the X-Men broke free they took Martha with them to confront Sublime about his actions. Emma pushed Sublime through the window to his office but it took Martha’s mental influence to make him let go of his grip on the ledge and fall to his death.

Martha returned with Cyclops and Emma back to the Xavier Institute where she was welcomed and accepted among the students even if she was just a brain.  She found a special friendship with Ernst who is a child-sized teenager with superhuman strength because she was the first among the student body to actually hear her telepathic thoughts and understand them. One of her fellow classmates by the name of Quentin Quire decided to help Martha by enhancing her containment unit with hover devices he constructed so that she could float around instead of relying on people to carry her around. Ernst took the duty of becoming Martha’s bodyguard and pulling her around from class to class on a leash and collar that Martha picked out herself (she didn’t have a body but she is still a punk girl with style).

Martha and Ernst joined Xorn’s Special Class and found his teaching methods quite unusual to say the least. However it was Martha’s psychic talents that eventually discovered that Xorn was actually an impostor  and was the ringleader behind the drug Kick being passed around the student body. Martha was ignored and silenced to keep the secret and found herself as a member of the false Magneto’s Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants made up from Xorn’s special class. Martha spent that time working through the psychic defenses of the impostor and discovered that Sublime somehow had taken over the body of Xorn when he became addicted to it. Martha unlocked the mind of Xorn which left the false Magento fighting for control of his body and allowed Wolverine the opening he needed to decapitate him.

Martha remained at the Institute for quite a while and watched students come and go until the fateful events of M-Day. She watched in shock as some of her friends lost their powers and even died as a result from that. Martha was glad that her mutant abilities remained but felt more alone then ever before. Martha could do nothing but watch when The Purifiers attacked the Institute and witnessed Elixir killing Reverend Stryker to protect the students from using his gauntlet on them. Martha eventually became friends with the remaining three Stepford Cuckoos and they started to teach her how to better use her mental powers to defend herself.

Martha followed the X-Men when they moved to San Fransisco California and their eventual move to the island of Utopia when Norman Osborn and H.A.M.M.E.R. forced the remaining mutants off American soil. Martha discovered that Quintin Quire has survived his apparent secondary mutation and was determined to persue his goal to become a super villain.  He chose Martha to be his “arch-nemesis” and challenged her to stop his attempt to sabotage Utopia and with a little luck brought him to the attention of the Stepford Cockoos who took swift action. However during the conflict Quintin possessed Warpath and used him to smash her old containment system. Thankfully Xavier and the scientists on the island were able to construct her an all-new hover pod system which finally allowed her to move about on her own. Martha decided it was time to finally start taking action instead of letting it happen around her.

This is her skope:

(Note: The alpha effect on the globe causes parts of the mesh to “vanish” but this does not happen within the game itself)

You can find these skopes available here: http://drop.io/crimsonquill/asset/martha-cq-zip

Now remember you need  to  use this..  Enjoy!


New Skopes: Bastion’s Purifiers

For my next group of skopes they are just an expansion to The Purifiers in the previous post I did..

This faction of The Purifiers broke away from Matthew Risman’s group when Bastion used the resurrected body of Reverend William Stryker to create his own army. Members of this group opted to wear robes that reflected the colors of Bastion since he was the newly reborn form of Nimrod. Bastion also handpicked certain soldiers from the common ranks to serve as his elite guard and they were given a unique uniform to stand out from the rest. The guard serve as Bastion’s personal bodyguards and never say a word which suggests they took a vow of silence because they are aware that Stryker is just a puppet and not really returned from the dead.   When Matthew Risman and his Choir attacked Bastion’s former base it left both teams of Purifiers with huge losses within their ranks especially after Archangel and X-Force showed up to retrieve Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane) who they also has imprisoned. Bastion has moved on with his group of infected leaders and abandoned Risman’s Purifiers since they believe that Stryker is not the same person he once was. Bastion has since become aware that a new mutant baby was born but was lost in time when she was taken by Cable into the time stream.  He knows that she will eventually return to fulfill her destiny and his followers will be waiting for her. Until then Bastion is letting his other resurrected leaders strike at the remaining mutant population with their own followers while he remains behind the scenes.

First skope up is Purifier_Tech.. the core of Bastion’s Purifiers and those most loyal to Stryker and Bastion.

And then the next skope is Purifier_Elite who are Bastion’s personal bodyguards and assassins.

And finally the last skope is Bastion himself..

You can find these skopes available here:  http://drop.io/crimsonquill/asset/purifier-bastion-skopes-zip

My fellow skinner/mesher PODMARK has done the meshes for Reverend Stryker and Nimrod here:


Reverend Stryker

Now remember you need  to  use these..  Enjoy!


New Skopes: X-Men’s The Purifiers

And the skopes just keep on coming… looks like when your inspiration gets a hold of you it just doesn’t want to let go.

May I present to you one of the biggest threats in the X-Men universe.. The Purifiers!

The Purifiers are followers of Reverend William Stryker, a minister who believes that mutants are unnatural beasts spawned from Hell to test humankind. He kidnapped Professor Xavier and a few of his students and then held a rally inside of a sports stadium to make his agenda known to the public at large. He showed his true intensions to the crowd by trying to shoot Kitty Pryde and declaring the X-Men as monsters.  Stryker went sent to prison for his actions and the murders of all of the families and children they later discovered assassinated by his Purifiers. While his remaining followers disbanded and went into hiding  they kept his plan alive and eventually created a web page dedicated to the Reverend and his church until he was released from prison.

Stryker was eventually released and discovered the damaged remains of the futuristic Super-Sentinel called Nimrod within his old church. He contacted his Purifiers and they slowly managed to build an army using the knowledge of the future from Nimrod’s data banks to save people that would be suitable for his needs. He learned that an event called “M-Day” would occur which would erase the mutant gene from 99% of the Earth’s population and that moment would be the perfect time to strike. Over the course of a few days Stryker blows up a bus full of depowered students leaving the mansion and then has his best assassin, Matthew Risman, use his long range automatic rifle take out certain students that would be the first line of defense during an attack. Stryker himself lead the main invasion of Xavier’s Institute using a part he salvaged from Nimrod as a gauntlet to shut down all electronic and robotic defenses as well as blasting away at any mutant that got in his way. The mutant known as Elixir attacked Stryker after he entered the mansion and used his powers over organic material to kill him before he could aim the gauntlet at any of his teammates. The Purifiers were slowly defeated by the X-Men and the remaining student population but Risman and several others managed to evade capture and went to regroup and figure out how to move forward without their founder.

Risman took the role of leadership as the Purifiers replenished their ranks and then found through their spy network that S.H.I.E.L.D. had recovered the head of Bastion who was an alternate version of Nimrod from another reality. They invaded the base killing all agents in their way and retrieved the head then reattached it to the body of Nimrod which restored Bastion back to full functionality. Bastion quickly evaluated the situation and had a group of Purifiers retrieve a lifeless offspring from the body of Magus (the techno-organic father of New Mutant’s Warlock) and used it to restore several deceased anti-mutant leaders including Reverend Stryker himself back to life. The infected Stryker and Bastion have taken a fraction of Purifiers from the main group to engage in their own battle with The X-Men.

Risman, wanting nothing to do with Bastion’s plans, has taken the main group of Purifiers and assembled his own group of allies to help him complete the original plan. With help from Lady Deathstrike, Reverend Craig (father of Rahne Sinclair) and a group of scientists X-Force member Wolfsbane was lured away to be captured and reprogrammed so she would remove the wings of Warren Worthington (aka Angel) and bring them to their base lab. Using their technology they discover that the nanites Apocalypse used to enhance Warren are able to be transfered, which would allow them to artificially create an army of winged horsemen to lead the Purifiers into massacring the remaining mutants. Risman had his “Choir” of death angels, lead by his son Gabriel, attack Bastion’s base to get his attention and remind him that the original Purifiers still had a much bigger role in the future. However the arrival of Warren restored as The Angel Of Death and the other X-Force members sent both factions of the Purifiers scattering to avoid being wiped out in the carnage.

The arrival of the first mutant born after M-Day sent the Purifiers into a panic because Stryker had foretold in his writings that an Antichrist would arrive and allow the mutants a chance at stopping  their extinction. A branch of The Purifiers invaded the small Alaskan town where the baby was born and killed every child to insure that the newborn would never get the chance to fulfill her destiny. Cyclop’s son, Cable, managed to get there first and rescued the child and then was told by Professor X and Cyclops to flee into time until she was old enough to return and save mutantkind. The Purifiers have been preparing their armies for a war that will rock the foundations of the world upon her return.


First of the skopes is… Purifier leader Matthew Risman (armed with Mini-Uzis and his trusty Long Range Auto Rifle)

Then a skope of a Purifier soldier with regular weapons (including a flamethrower, rocket launcher, shotgun, pistol, sniper rifle & machine guns)

Next is a Purifier soldier with energy weapons (large rifle and pistol) and a crossbow

And finally an enhanced Purifier from “The Choir” with living-metal wings

You can find these skopes available here:  http://drop.io/crimsonquill/asset/purifier-skopescq-zip

Now remember you need  to  use these..  Enjoy!


X-Men’s U-Men – My First Skope

For awhile I had been messing around with skoping but never really made much of anything worth releasing or even showing in public for that matter. However inspiration struck me after making a request at Freedom Reborn that I had seen pieces of meshes which could work to create the comic book version of the same character. If I didn’t succeed then it would be deleted and nobody would be wiser that I sucked at skoping… but what if I did successfully create one?

What character am I talking about you ask? Well, Marvel Comics has a villain group called U-MEN which made their debut during Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men. They were a group of misguided outcasts that followed a book called The 3rd Species written by John Sublime which made them believe that the world was unpure and infected. All they needed to do was protect themselves from it and then join the rest of Sublime’s followers. So these folks give up their old lives and purchase expensive bio-suits and weapons from Sublime and then go out into the world to hunt down mutants and anyone who would futher harm the environment of the planet they live on. The twisted part is that the U-Men believe that they are the next evolution of mankind and are the rightful owners of the abilities that mutants received at birth. So they harvest body parts of mutants so their enhanced abilities could be grafted into the U-Men themselves. Pretty sick people, huh?

So, what I skoped together for FFvsT3R from the example above was this:

And you can download this skope here: http://drop.io/crimsonquill/asset/umen-cq-skope-zip

Now remember you need  to  use this..  Enjoy!

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